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Who is Amy?

Amy’s work as a coach has been in a variety of settings (elementary and middle school) with teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. She is passionate about collaborating with teachers to craft student-centered math lessons that give learners opportunities to wonder, problem-solve, make mistakes, pose questions, and communicate their thinking to others. Her commitment to content coaching as a tool for transforming our educational system derives from her unshakable belief in the capacity of all human beings, old and young alike, to be lifelong learners.
Amy began her teaching career as a 5 th grade teacher in a dual language (English/Spanish) classroom. She taught 5 th and 6 th grade and then became a math coach for grades K – 8 at the Amistad Dual Language School in Upper Manhattan. It was during her time as a classroom teacher that Amy was exposed to a variety of professional development experiences that changed how she thought about learning and teaching mathematics. As a participant at Math in the City (MitC), a national center for mathematics funded by NSF and co-directed by Antonia Cameron and Catherine Twomey Fosnot, the experiences that she dove into also helped Amy think about what constitutes effective learning experiences for children and how high-leverage teaching practices are essential for creating equity. Following her studies at MitC, Amy continued to explore mathematics at Bank Street College’s Math Leadership Program. Here, she felt privileged to be able to immerse herself in a community of like-minded mathematics teachers and leaders, who were continually discovering the beauty of mathematics and finding ways to share their passion with students from all socio-economic backgrounds. Amy was so highly valued as a member that she was selected to join Bank Street College of Education where she teaches graduate students in both the Math Leadership and the Teacher Preparation programs.

In Amy’s view, the best way to give all children access to the wonders of math is through changing teaching practice. Although that work is enormously challenging, the rewards she experiences on a daily basis do much to sustain her spirit.

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