Deanna Lazarcheck

Prime Learning Advisors, LLC

Who is Deanna?

Deanna Lazarcheck has had a wide range of experiences both as a classroom teacher and as a math coach. Her leadership journey has sharpened her focus on finding ways to support educators to improve math teaching for elementary school students. Now, her most recent passion has been to support parents as they navigate the often confusing and challenging world of math education. Toward that end Deanna has co-founded a company, Prime Learning Advisors, that will provide tailored academic support directly to families through private tutoring, small group classes, and parent engagement workshops.
Deanna began her journey in education as an undergraduate at New York University, where she earned dual degrees in Childhood Education and Special Education, as well as a minor in Psychology. Eager to begin her dream job as a teacher, Deanna began teaching in a second grade ICT class the fall after she graduated from NYU, while simultaneously pursuing her Master’s Degree in Literacy from Hunter College. For the next six years, Deanna served as one of three founding teachers at PS 267 in District 2, NYC where she taught across the primary grades in various classroom settings.

As a teacher helping to grow and strengthen a new school, Deanna collaborated daily with her colleagues and administrators to develop engaging curricula accessible to all learners in literacy and mathematics. She took on several leadership roles, including serving as the lead teacher on the kindergarten team and mentoring first and second-year teachers. Deanna also co-planned and facilitated several workshops for parents on the importance of developmentally appropriate mathematics instruction. It was in these workshops that Deanna saw for herself the enormous challenges parents faced as they were asked to rethink their own mathematics instruction to support their children’s learning.

During her years as a classroom teacher, Deanna was fortunate to work closely with leading educational leaders in the field of mathematics education. One transformative experience occurred when she participated in and hosted teaching learning communities and witnessed the power of teacher collaboratives that focused on and were committed to improve mathematics instruction. She honed her skills as a teacher leader, and developed an understanding of the transformational nature of content coaching. Deanna also became fascinated with the open-ended, authentic approach to teaching and learning mathematics, where students were given the thinking space to construct their own deep understandings of big ideas and strategies through guided investigations, mini-lessons, and games.

In 2017, Deanna was invited to join Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities (MTLC), a well-known coaching organization, as an educational consultant. She was coached by MTLCs master coaches both as a content coach and as a workshop facilitator. In MTLC’s think tank, Deanna found many opportunities to flourish as an educational leader. During her years of coaching in NYC public and charter schools she had developed a deep understanding of the many challenges facing educators in different educational environments. This inspired in her an enduring commitment to create equitable learning experiences for children from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Deanna brings her expertise of teaching and learning mathematics in early childhood; her ability to foster strong relationships with teachers; and her experience working with communities serving students with special needs as well as English Language Learners. She is thrilled to continue her growth as an effective coach and leader with her colleagues at reimaginED.

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