Olivia Wahl

Who is Olivia?

Olivia Wahl has been an educator for over twenty years and leads institutes for teachers nationwide. She provides PreK-12 professional learning in leadership, coaching, and literacy instruction. Her work supports teachers with matching texts with students, conferring and using assessments to drive instruction while supporting culturally responsive practices.

Olivia advocates for play and inquiry-based learning experiences alongside reconceptualizing the Gradual Release of Responsibility to enhance student voice and engagement. She is the creator, producer, editor, and host of Schoolutions – a podcast to inspire and connect PreK-12 educators, administrators, caregivers, and community members as they identify and share solutions for issues they face in public education. Olivia interviews those in the trenches, asking them to share their experiences—their trials and successes.

Podcast featuring Reimagined


Ep 9.: Our Coaching Learning Community (CLC)

Renowned content coach and author, Antonia Cameron, and her colleague, Renee McShane, share how coaching learning communities (CLCs) nurture reflective, intuitive coaching practices through collaboration and analysis of effective leadership and communication skills. 

 Toni and Renee speak to the benefits of knowing ourselves and what we value as human beings and educators and how self-knowledge is the foundation of transformational coaching. They also share how being able to identify our own pitfalls as listeners and communicators can significantly improve our coaching practice.

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