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All reimaginED teacher resources, LIVE and On-Demand professional development, and Coaching Services to support math teaching and learning are now available for on NYC Shop DoE.

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ReimaginED Teaching LLC is a New York State Education Department (NYSED) approved Continuing Teacher Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor.

For more information about CTLE requirements, click on the button below to visit the official NYSED website.


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Coaching connected to any of our teacher resources of professional learning is now also available through Shop DoE.



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Shop DoE: In-Person PD

A collaborative professional learning experience with teachers from all across the NYC area.

The NEW Bead String Series is designed to help your students become more accurate, flexible, and efficient thinkers and develop computational fluency.

Shop DoE: Learning on Demand

Coming Soon: Fundamentals Series for Fractions & Decimals!

Our Learning on-Demand webinars are designed to maximize students’ learning by deepening your content knowledge and helping you to refine your teaching practice.

Fundamentals Series

  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Early Fractions
NEW Virtual Bead String

The Bead String is a powerful virtual model that can be used to build and connect critical big ideas and strategies in all four math operations.

  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
Each webinar is part of an online library which you can access on demand, covering a range of content areas (Early Number Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, and Fractions).

Series include:

  • Flexibility to watch and rewatch webinars when and where you choose
  • Opportunities to grow math content knowledge in specific areas 
  • Embedded videos designed to give you an insight into how these ideas come to life in a classroom
    • observe teachers and children interacting
    • analyze transcripts to understand how teachers facilitate rich learning experiences
  • Teacher Tools and Resources

Shop DoE: Teacher Resources

Coming Soon: NEW Bead String lessons!

Our high-quality teacher materials are designed to foster children’s capacity to reason with an emphasis on the thinking rather than the doing of mathematics.

We provide educators with high-quality learning materials. All our resources not only provide high leverage task and  math experiences but they also highlight how and when to use them effectively in classrooms.
BURSTs are 10-min lessons designed to engage students and make math learning more dynamic and joyful.

8 Series, 24 BURSTs
The Joyful Learner Series is a collection of playful routines designed to develop students’ learning habits of mind. These short routines will create joyful learners, which is what every early childhood classroom needs!

Each 5-10 minute routine is built around helping children to engage with each other; this includes developing their capacity to listen and communicate their ideas, to stay present in learning, and to advocate for their needs as learners.

PreK-2 Starter Set includes ALL 17 lessons across all three areas (Drawing, Language, and Movement Routines)

We are looking forward to working with you!

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On Chancellor’s Day the ReimaginED Teaching Team will be facilitating 90-minute LIVE Virtual sessions in the morning and afternoon.

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