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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Published Author

Who is Toni?

Antonia “Toni” Cameron is the co-founder and CEO of reimaginED teaching, a coaching community devoted to transforming teaching and learning in education. Toni’s current interests are focused on revitalizing early childhood math learning as well as finding ways to develop transformative feedback cultures in schools. As part of this work, she is facilitating learning communities focused on (1) the role of the principal in providing effective feedback; (2) the power of the teacher-student conference (helping teachers develop ways of conferring with students to allow for productive struggle); and, (3) the role of coaching in developing teacher leadership and leadership networks.

Toni’s latest work on math routines — Early Childhood Math Routines: Empowering Young Minds to Think — was published by Stenhouse Publishers in April 2020. A prior publication (Heinemann Publishers), Agents of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching, was co-authored with Lucy West. This seminal text is used nationally as a tool to mentor coaches and other school leaders.
Toni’s previous work was as CEO of a renowned coaching organization, Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities and also as Co-Director of Mathematics in the City (MitC), a national center for professional development housed at the City College of the City University New York. As co-principal investigator of an NSF-funded project, Toni co-authored the fifteen facilitator-guides that were part of the Young Mathematicians at Work CD-ROMs. In addition, she co-authored two units (“Games” and “Muffles’ Truffles”) in the curriculum, Contexts for Learning published by Heinemann Publishers.

Antonia Cameron is in demand as a coach of coaches and has worked with her educational organizations in the USA, Canada, and Europe. She has presented nationally and internationally at such conferences as NCSM, NCTM, AMTE, NSDC and ICME.

Antonia Cameron:
Is It Fair? Math Routine

Antonia Cameron, author of Early Childhood Math Routines, highlights one of her favorite math routines, Is It Fair? She talks about how this powerful routine can lead to rich conversation, development of mathematical ideas, and problem solving among students.
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Early Childhood Math Routines:
Empowering Young Minds to Think

One of the central challenges facing early childhood teachers is how to meet academic standards while creating learning environments that honor young children’s mathematical ideas, curiosity, and playfulness. In Early Childhood Math Routines, Toni Cameron introduces us to a set of short whole-group and partner routines designed to engage young children in meaningful math thinking and build problem-solving communities.

Authors: Antonia Cameron, Patricia Gallahue, Danielle Iacoviello

Agents of Change

Based on decades of experience designing and implementing coaching initiatives, this practical resource for transforming school culture and inspiring true learning provides instructional leaders with specific techniques, tools, and strategies to improve teaching and learning on a schoolwide level.

Authors: Antonia Cameron, Lucy West

Podcast featuring Reimagined


Ep 9.: Our Coaching Learning Community (CLC)

Renowned content coach and author, Antonia Cameron, and her colleague, Renee McShane, share how coaching learning communities (CLCs) nurture reflective, intuitive coaching practices through collaboration and analysis of effective leadership and communication skills. 

 Toni and Renee speak to the benefits of knowing ourselves and what we value as human beings and educators and how self-knowledge is the foundation of transformational coaching. They also share how being able to identify our own pitfalls as listeners and communicators can significantly improve our coaching practice.

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